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Pilates during pregnancy

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Nowadays, an increasing number of women want to remain active during pregnancy. Mothers-to-be greatly appreciate training using the Pilates method. Please note the following information for one-to-one training sessions in the PRIVATE PILATES Studio for the protection of the unborn child:

Assuming you and your child are in good health and you have done Pilates exercises regularly before becoming pregnant,  generally speaking,  you can continue doing Pilates with your trainer up to the 3rd trimester without  problems.

After consulting your doctor, you can recommence training 6 to 12 weeks after giving birth.

If any complications occur, or after a caesarean section, you should wait 12 to 16 weeks before starting your Pilates training. Soft activation of the prlvic floor and the side abdominal can be started as soon as you feel like it after delivery.
Remember that if you are still breastfeeding, the ligaments will still be lax. Therfore you should avoid overstretching.

Marion, a mother herself, has successfully completed additional training for pre- and postnatal Pilates Teaching. Upon request she can draw up a training plan with you, your gynaecologist and midwife. It is essential in this case that the pregnancy is normal and without problems.