Private Pilates


Samali was born in 1971 in Frankfurt.

With 19, she goes to America for a year and gets in touch with Pilates for the first time. Back in Germany, she completes a degree in Media Studies with a focus on public relations and works for a well-known television station.

In 1997, she discovers Pilates training in Germany and soon after leaves the media world to be trained as a Pilates teacher. She is “comprehensive Peak Pilates trainer,” the highest level of education, and teaches all Pilates apparatus and on the mat.

In 2003 she turns her personal passion to her profession and opens the PRIVATE PILATES studio.
Since then she has regularly taken part in continuing education seminars to broaden her Pilates knowledge at prestigious training centers in London, New York and Germany. The continuous expansion of her knowledge in various relevant areas of Pilates, allows her to improve the health and meet the needs of her customers effectively.

Ahead of the trend and being the first Pilates trainer in Germany, she is currently is studying to become a CPM Pilates Trainer with Karin Locher of Contrology Pilates Method; (CPM). CPM uniquely links the classic Pilates method with the latest findings from the fascia, the so called fascial lines , Anatomy Trains’ by Thomas Myers

Special health restrictions, rehabilitation, training with postnatal clients and training with older people are her specialty.

Marion teaches with passion; her customer base includes, among others, also players of the 1st Bundesliga.
She is the mother of 2 children.

“Pilates gives you an upright, natural posture, which reflectes in everyday life, in sport and at work.”- Marion Samali, Frankfurt am Main, 2014..

Laura (CA/GE) is a fully certified instructor of the Pilates Method, a dance artist and graduate student. She took 5 years to complete her teacher training in Pilates, attending two training programs and 500 hours of interning.


Laura studied anatomy with the department of kinesiology at the University of Calgary, she studied the classical mat and reformer work with Dianne Miller, (Vancouver, CA) and certified on all equipment with Michelle Larsson, (the Eve Gentry method, Santa Fe US.) She has taught in studios across Canada and is familiar with a variety of approaches to Pilates (Fletcher, Romana and Stott) and also compliments her teaching with studies of Bartenieff Fundamentals, Alexander Technique, Fascial stretches, physio exercises and the Feldenkrais Method.


She offers continuing education workshops for Pilates instructors in Berlin, and is currently working on a masters in Contemporary Dance Pedagogy in Frankfurt. Laura’s background as a dance artist gives her a unique approach to teaching, encouraging each client to move towards his or her own movement potential while emphasizing safety and proprioceptive awareness. She has worked with dance professionals, actors, athletes, post natal clients, and seniors, and is skilled with clients dealing with scoliosis or deviations of the spinal curves.

“I absolutely loved your Pilates class — it transformed how I think about what Pilates even is.”

Dr. Yael Harlap – UBC Instructor and Educational Developer.

“I am far more interested in a client’s quality of movement then their ability to do a classical Pilates exercise. I often ask, where does the movement begin? How are you thinking about the movement? I will work with you to find ways of moving, lengthening, strengthening and aligning that support the guiding principles of the Pilates method: your whole body health, whole body commitment and breath.” – Laura Hicks, Frankfurt, 2014.