Private Pilates


The competence of your Pilates trainer is of prime importance for those taking an initial interest in Pilates!
The PEAK Pilates trainer education is an internationally recognised certification program which complies with the guidelines of the PMA (Pilates Method Alliance) and the DPVs (German Pilates Association).

A PEAK Pilates trainer completes a 5 level course. An examination must be passed after each level. (PPSI, PPSII, PPSIII). Special Chair and Barrel courses complete the basic education system. Only after successful completion of the special courses, can the test for the “Comprehensive Certificate” be taken, which certifies that your trainer has completed at least 450 single lessons from the whole Pilates repertoire, can handle all the Pilates mat exercises and equipment, and knows how to use the 500 exercises and their variations to adapt them to each individual body.

The trainer is taught basic anatomy so that he or she is able to apply Pilates while taking into consideration special physical restrictions (such as rheumatism, high blood pressure, arthrosis, slipped disks, scoliosis, osteoporosis, pre- and postnatal Pilates training). If you see the “PEAK Pilates Trainer” logo, you can be sure that the trainer is highly qualified.

In order to become and extende their existing Pilates Trainer Certificate from the training institute, all trainers must undergo 16 hours of relevant Pilates continuous training every year. Further training and specialisation is the goal of PEAK PILATES and is crucial for all Pilates trainers. At Private Pilates quality comes first.

Here is small list of the additional training courses I have attended in addition to my initial training:

Pilates training with spinal disc problems, especially training in dealing with scoliosis
Pre- and postnatal Pilates training
Pilates training with various back complaints
Pelvic floor training using the Eric Franklin method
Smart Spine, three dimensional spinal column training
Pilates with the triad ball
MVe Chair Teacher Trainer
Various multi-activity Chair courses with various styles
I regularly book Personal training classes with Pilates TEACHER trainers. I am keen to receive one of the few private classes with these trainers. We as trainers take advantage of the many small tricks and variations of the Pilates Method that can then be used with you during the classes.

Alycea Ungaro

Peter Fiasca
Mari Winsor

Eduardo Laranjeira

Jay Grimes
Clare Dunphy

Coleen Glenn
Toon and Michael
Daniel Lyon
Karin Locher